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If you are a poser, wannabee, or just a showboater, you probably need to go to another custom bike shop. I only build functional rideable scooters. I have been doing this for about twenty years, before all the T.V. shows started. Don't get me wrong ,these guys build some pretty awsome machines. But the shows made every back yard wrench turner, into THE bike builder of all times. I interview all my customers before doing any work for them. I've done this for years and always will. So, if you see my business cards and they say by referal only that's what it means.
I don't make any frames, but I change a lot of things on them.I make some of my own parts and have a machine shop very handy.
I don't do any painting, but I have a painter that can put any paint job on you want. I even have another one that can put flames on your weedeater (IMAGINE THAT)!
I do all my engine work; I worked for the local harley shop for 15 years. I guess I need to quit tooting my own horn.
Seriously though, I can do anything concerning a motorcycle, from simply changing a tire, to troubleshooting a rough running motorcycle, to overhauling an engine. I have built motorcycles from the ground up, and have even won awards for them.
Take some time and look around my site. You will see examples of my repair/rebuild work, some custom, modification work, and a complete build from the ground up. When you are done looking, please take a moment to sign my Guestbook. Thanks for looking!
I have some t-shirts for sale; check them out!
Also, I have included a page in tribute to my good buddy, Shakey.

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